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Creativity has always been of central importance of my life. I am also a jazz musician and have come to understand the foundations upon which true self-expression rests. As a photographer I started many years ago working in film, then gave up until recently.  I now work in the digital medium and employ all of the tools available to create a reality as I envision it in each of my images. As I had done before with music I avidly absorb the different genres of photography as a conceptual art, studying its exponents and their work. I am drawn towards monochrome – landscapes, architecture and street photography, and you can see some of this work in the projects I show on this site.

Over the last  four  years I have won awards from the Society of International Travel and Tourism Photography, the SWPP and Daily Telegraph. My images have been exhibited in the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival twice in a row and published in the Daily Telegraph, Eye Photo Magazine, Digital  Camera and Vintage Life Magazine.

I have won awards in major international  competitions for my images - these are listed below.



Landscape Photographer of the Year  - runner up (2nd) in the Urban View category


Urban 2021 Photo Awards - Selected

Siena International Photo Awards - honourable mention


Urban 2022 Photo Awards - Semi-finalist

Minimalist Photography Awards Honourable Mention

I focus on the really important elements of an image – light, dark and composition, and I am happiest when these can be reduced to the most minimal components. Expression distilled. Photography has opened my eyes to other visual arts, changing the way I perceive my world and react to it emotionally. I try to convey this in my work. Its eclectic but my journey continues. I hope it never ends.

David Boam July 2022

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